The 2018 music festival spread events across 3 great local venues… a refurbished Arts & Crafts village hall, a bright and welcoming visitor centre and our friendly local bar, where all the best musicians settle down and tune up. Each venue is located within short walking distance of one another in the centre of the village, and we plan to be entertaining and educating in the same great places in 2019!


Need a place to stay? Or find your way here? Lots of local info you need is wrapped up in this one neat website.

If you’re camping, look up our local campsites, all located between 1 and 3 miles from Arisaig village along the coast road.
Kinloid, Back of Keppoch, Invercaimbe, Sunnyside Croft, Portnadoran, Silversands and Camusdarach.

Respectfully, we busy festival organisers can’t help you with sleeping and travel arrangements… we’re just about the music! And we do know lots of banjo jokes. However, we do advise you book in advance (it’s a popular place) as we really do want you to come and enjoy the festival in our beautiful part of the world (see below) yep, that’s what we’re talking about!


For general enquiries about the festival, get in touch here:
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